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 7:30  - Mountaintop run

 8:00  - Breakfast

 9:00  - Viewpoints/Movement

10:00 - Acting/Meisner

12:00 - Lunch

 1:00  - Journaling/Break

 2:00  - Wilderness Lore

 4:30  - Martial Arts/Stage Combat

 5:30 - Archery

 6:00 - Conditioning

 7:00  - Dinner

 8:00  - Evening Session

"Meisner In The Mountains"

Not in a studio, but barefoot in the woods of the Vermont highlands, developing our awareness for self and space; 

Not just acting theory and classes, but a welcoming environment and ensemble in which to challenge ourselves and make personal discoveries; 

The Barr Hill Players Summer Theatre Intensive is more than just a one-week theatre camp. It is an invitation to step outside what is routine and expected, and step into a small group of dedicated students choosing to come together in a mutual commitment to their craft.


The main focus of this curriculum is directed towards letting go of our need to "perform." We often place over-heavy expectations on ourselves to be sufficiently funny or dramatic with all our acting choices. We shoot down one impulse after another for being "wrong" or "too weird," but in reality, these impulses often hold more truth and power than anything our "clever artist minds" can come up with. As a result, most of our class time is devoted to learning how to get out of our own way and just be present with whatever our bodies or our partners give us.


It is our firm belief that actors only benefit from approaching their training with the same discipline, rigor, and eye for specificity as any martial artist. In order to balance all of the (often elusive) emotional work we do, a heavy emphasis is placed on developing our physical instrument. We use exercises from a variety of sources to promote strength, stamina, balance, and coordination. Our goal is developing greater awareness and access to our bodies, which in turn makes us more capable, dynamic theatre makers - more actively involved in the creative process with each other and our directors.


Each morning begins with a mile-long cross-country jog through the woods towards a mountaintop meditation. From this point on, we move as an ensemble throughout the day, from meals to class time to campfire chats. We take full advantage of our unique location, not only by holding all lessons outdoors or in open-air spaces, but also by incorporating lessons from several non-traditional sources such as archery, fire-laying, and mindfulness exercises. Nighttime activities alternate between Evening Sessions (outdoor nocturnal events designed to promote team-building and self-confidence even in unfamiliar circumstances) and recreational activities such as board game night, shanty night, etc. where students are welcome to join in, take some personal time away from the group, or catch some extra sleep.



Students are housed together in a communal, insulated, and headed A-frame. Camp bunks are provided, but students are expected to bring their own sleeping bags. Students can expect camp-like accommodations including a sheltered outdoor restroom.



Transportation is not included in tuition, but can be arranged to/from a hub city upon request. However, there may be a carpool of students leaving from an area near you - just ask! 


$675 - includes food, lodging, and tuition.



The Barr Hill Players share the Geldo Acres Retreat Center with Rising Phoenix Martial Arts, based in Austin, Texas. For further information, visit the Rising Phoenix website:

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